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Itzie and Mitzie Children’s story

Itzie and Mitzie
Author: Ildika Koppen Illustrator: Alwin Kurt Koppen
Genre: Picture Story Book Ages 5 – 8 years
Blurb: Join Itzie and Mitzie on a friendship adventure as they escape from Evil Eddie Eagles clutches!
Word count: 461
Synopsis: Itzie and Mitzie are mouse friends who are forever escaping from Evil Eddle Eagle’s clutches. The plot could become a series of adventures with different scenarios.

Itzie and Mitzie

Itzie and Mitzie were playing around a tree
Chasing each other
Their hearts full of glee!

Itzie was smaller
A boisterous boy mouse
Mitzie was taller
A glamorous girl mouse

Mitzie found a nut that had bounced from a tall tree
“Hey Itzie! Let’s set the seed free!”
Mitzie responded “I’ll whack it to crack it!”
Mitzie tossed her nose in the air with a frown
“Itzie, you’ll never get it OUT!” Mitzie said with a pout
“Yes, I will Mitzie, do not doubt!”

So Itzie bounced the nut around, UP and DOWN
Until it cracked open and fell on the ground
“Yummy, we can share this nut for lunch!”
So they began to CRUNCH and CRUNCH and CRUNCH!

Meanwhile high up in the tree sat Eddie Eagle
His gleaming eyes were glued on the pair of chasing mice
Evil Eddie thought “ Itzie and Mitzie will make a fine lunch”
“I think I’ll grab the tall one and take her to my lair”

Eddie Eagle swooped through the air
And grasped poor Mitzie in his claw
“Help Itzie!” shrieked Mitzie as she was carried away
“Leave Mitzie alone!” yelled Itzie
“I will make you pay!”

“WRIGGLE, WRIGGLE, WRIGGLE and slip out” Itzie said without delay
So brave Mitzie WRIGGLED and WRIGGLED and WRIGGLED until she slipped from Eddie Eagles claw
DOWN, DOWN, DOWN she fell landing lightly in a yellow flowery bush on the side of a river

Muddled Mitzie hid inside an orange flower with a shiver
“Don’t worry Miss Mouse” said Betty Blue Butterfly who was fluttering about collecting yellow pollen powder
“I saw everything and I will go and tell Itzie where you are”
“Thank you Betty Blue Butterfly, he can’t be far!”

Betty Blue Butterfly fluttered fast past the bush, over the creek and to the tree and Itzie
“Thank goodness you found her Betty Blue, I am indebted to you” said Itzie
“How can we get Mitzie over the river?” said Betty Blue
“ I know what to do” said Itzie
“ I am a small mouse but I have great big gnawing teeth” said Itzie

So Itzie GNAWED and GNAWED and GNAWED a branch from a tree
That became a long bridge to set Mitzie free!

“Hooray!” said Betty Blue Butterfly who showed Mitzie the way
To walk across the branch bridge without delay
Before Eddie Eagle could come back
Itzie and Mitzie RAN and RAN and RAN all the way back!

Elated Mitzie was rescued from the orange flower
She felt grateful and full of happy power
Itzie and Mitzie HUGGED and HUGGED and HUGGED
“I’ll always look after you!” Itzie said with love
Itzie and Mitzie celebrated with a feast of seeds
Friends should look after each other’s needs!