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Ildika Nia teacher 2015

Dance your spirit! Optimise your health. Express in your body’s way.  Move in the moment to harness your joy!  Ildika began Nia Dance Technique after school at Ipswich East State school hall in 2012 with a band of 3: Stephanie , Helen and Carmel.  Nia Ipswich starting up QT article

From this humble beginning our happy tribe has grown.  The original dancers plus more joy devotees are now based at The Old Courthouse on East and Roderick Streets, Ipswich on Thursday nights from 5:45 – 6:45pm!  Nia in Ipswich Old Courthouse article QT

9-1920977-ips050713danc05b_t460Nia Ildika Botanical CU 61 winner

Nia Dance Technique began in 1983 with creators Debbie Rosas and Carlos Rosas.  It has spread worldwide and is now practised in 45+  countries of the world!  You can check out: www.nianow.com for locations and niaaustralia.com.au for Australian Nia Dance Technique teachers.

Nia is based on 52 core moves of the body and the choreography is set to soul stirring and spine tingling global music.  The result is a healthier mind, body and spirit with aim of  living in the moment and expressing your true self in joy!

One can travel the world with Nia Dance Technique events.  I saw in the Mayan New Year with Debbie Rosas as one of the speakers at a conference. Debbie was one of the female candle bearers at a soulful ceremony in a Mexican water cave in 2012.


IMG_1057Ildika with Debbie Rosas in Valladolid Mexico

Nia dance trainings take 7 days to complete with a martial art belt system beginning from White Belt, Green (for teaching technique), Blue, Brown and Black. I am a Brown Belt teacher and completed this training with Ann Christiansen at The Edge, Brisbane in January, 2015.  Ann is a sacred athlete, a former Olympic swimmer and lives in Hamburg, Germany.

Check out the happy dancers from Blue Belt training with USA trainer wonderful Winalee Zeeb!


Winalee is a “joyologist” and a dynamic dancer, she emitted orbs during our White Belt training at my old high school hall Yeronga State High School!


Nia trainings include the Five Stages which prevent accidents by using a stretch warm up from 1. embryonic (rolling) 2. creeping 3. crawling 4. rising 5. standing.  I completed this training at Ocean Shores NSW with USA trainer Laurie Bass.  All courses have manuals with how the body, muscles and the brain interact with holistic health principles of the healing arts, martial arts and the dance arts.  What a fabulous fusion effect!


Nia Australia is a collective of Australian Nia Dance Technique teachers who have organised affordable public liability insurance.  We get together to share and collaborate with retreats.  Some teachers offer overseas Nia retreats for the public to locations such as Bali, Fiji and Cambodia.


Nia Australia organise Dance Jams to raise money for charities and to showcase different teacher’s routines. Check out the Nia Australia website for upcoming Jams. This is a video of Mandi leading a dance at Yoga in Daily Living in Fortitude Valley.  The footage is dark but you will get the idea!

Nia Dance has enriched my life in so many ways.  My friend Gail introduced me to Nia in 2010 when I was stressed about my Masters and about past hurts directed at me in my career as a classroom primary teacher.  Gail said “This dance is so YOU!” and she was right.  When I stepped into my first class with the sensational Sophie Marsh (Black Belt and White Belt Trainer) my RSI disappeared and my mind cleared.  I learned to take off my shoes and sense mother Earth with my toes and experienced the spinetingling magic moments of the world inspired music!

I am so proud that I can share my joy with commUNITY in Ipswich and dance like a kid as a grown up!

Ginny, Lisa, Anita, Ori Nia Australia Tribe from Victoria, Gold Coast, Sydney and Briz!

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